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New nickname

I came up with a new Nickname for myself and it is Prince Blitzen Jr. What do y'all think about my new Nickname? I like it very much.


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Lowest Air Pressure

My Weather Station at my location recorded the lowest Air Pressure today and the Barometer reading is 28.91 and still falling. That was the lowest I ever saw the pressure go and I'm very impressed. That means if any storms form they will bee very severe here. The final Air Pressure is 28.85 which is the lowest Air Pressure recorded by my Weather Station. What do you think?
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Model Rocket

I finally got to launch my model rocket that I got for my birthday today in my sister's pasture and the wind was not blowing too hard. It went up 600 feet in the air and it parachuted back to the ground. The day was perfect.
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Devil Claw seeds

I planted my White and Black Devil Claws seeds in 2 rows here today in my garden and I hope they will come up. I will update when I get seedlings and the soil is warm here now.
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I will have to get a new laptop because my old one doesn't work and the new one will have Windows 10 on it. I hope to get it soon.


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Alvin and The Chipmunks

For a while I thought ah was living with Alvin and The Chipmunks because ah named that baby chipmunk Simon and ah finally got it outside to go back to Alvin and Theodore and Dave.
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Baby Chipmunk

I have a baby Chipmunk is the house here and I was trying to catch it to put it outside but it was quite fast.


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Windows 10

Windows 10 is here now. Who will switch to Windows 10? Just asking.
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Windows Defender

I use Windows Defender that comes with Windows 10 now and in my opinion it is better than Avast. It doesn't have pop ups and ads wanting you to upgrade to the paid version like Avast is doing currently and it is made by the makers of the operating system.
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Halloween Decorations

I took my Halloween decorations down today here and store them in the basement until next year. All that is left is to put my pumpkin in the compost pile to let it rot for the whole winter.
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